Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scribble Maps

One tool that you might use in your Social Studies curriculum for geography is Google Maps. Since you're using Google Maps online, the Ink layer on the Smartboard is enabled when you use any of the pens to make annotations to a map. The work you do with a map can be captured to a Notebook page.

Here's another option you might want to try called Scribble Maps. With this you won't have to use the Ink layer at all. Just go to the site and you'll find all the tools you need to reposition the map, zoom in and out, "scribble" on the map with different colors, add placemarkers, etc. The "scribbling" part can be done with your finger using the Scribble Maps toolbar.

In terms of lesson design and learning, you'd most likely be working with a map at the point where you're presenting new information. By capturing the learning from today's lesson, you're ready to activate prior knowledge tomorrow to help your students make those important connections between prior and new knowledge. As you continue instruction, you're creating an archive of student learning. The Smartboard and its software are such good tools for learning!


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