Sunday, July 18, 2010

Using the Smart Notebook Software to Archive Student Learning

Put this one under "wish I had thought of that."  Saw this idea on Twitter this afternoon and it's brilliant!

When you create a SMART Notebook for instruction, you're generally thinking about the content you'd like to present to your students.  But, what about considering saving the work that students have done in that notebook so their learning is archived online perhaps in a blog or in Voicethread where you can continue to promote your students' thinking, conversation, and collaboration?

This grade 1 student created a picture with text in a SMART notebook.  Instead of just saving it where it likely would live only on a computer, the work was exported as a .jpeg so that it could then be uploaded to the blog page.  Now it lives on the web where it can be shared with the world and where others can give this student feedback about her work.  Brilliant!

What ideas does this bring to mind for the work you're doing with your students?

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